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  • Stylist Magazine - The Style List

    "Breeze your way through dry January with these alcohol-free spirits and soft drinks.

    While you’re giving your liver a break, give your gut some love with a case of sparkling water kefir."

  • Delicious Magazine

    "This water-based version of the better-known dairy drink is a little sweeter than the kombucha but still with that refreshing tang.

    It's lightly carbonated too, and comes in natural form or in subtly good flavours."

  • The Next Delicious Thing

    "Very subtle flavours - if you're interested in adding to the fermented foods or drinks that you consume, and don't want to consume dairy, water kefir is a great option!"

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  • Three Drinkers - Bring a Bottle

    "It's actually really good for you... It's low sugar, it's quite sophisticated, gut-healthy, and a perfect alternative to soft-drinks."

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  • Velvet Magazine

    "If you are looking for a refreshing drink that delivers on flavour and works as both a standalone and a mixer, PiQi Sparkling Kefir is a must."

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  • The Morning Advertiser - Feature

    "Opportunities... from soft-drinks and mixers are greater than ever... It's important for pubs to stock and talk about low-sugar options that don't compromise on taste or the experience. Cocktails are becoming more innovative... There's an interest in functional drinks that promise positive health benefits.

    'People are thinking twice about what they're putting into their bodies, but they still want the experience. Piqi is still a treat - and you're treating your body too!' "

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  • logo of the Grocer magazine

    The Grocer Magazine

    "PiQi sparkling kefir quartet: Functional drinks startup PiQi has launched a range of 'sparkling kefir' drinks. Made with kefire water, the drinks are billed as being 'gut healthy' with up to 30 billion live cultures per bottle."

  • Specialty Food Magazine - Tried & Tested

    "Looking for the next big thing in healthy fine food? ... PiQi's fermented, non-dairy sparkling water kefir is a great place to start... Not only do PiQi's products tick the health box by containing billions of live cultures and naturally occurring probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and more, but they are also traditionally fermented in small batches so its artisan credentials are strong. I'm fond of the electric purple Butterfly Pea flavour, made with organic flowers from Thailand."

  • logo of eat drink sleep magazine

    eat.drink.sleep - Feature

    "In-line with the growing consumer demand for gut-healthy and functional drinks, PiQi has created a range of delicious beverages...

    PiQi contains up to 30 billion live cultures, which studies show have recognized probiotic qualities and can help support healthy gut microbiota, which plays an important role in digestion, weight management, and the immune system. 

    PiQi drinks... also work well as a mixer for creating unique cocktails. The PiQi range is packed with enchanting organic ingredients and unique water kefir flavour combinations."

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  • Speciality Food Magazine - Top 5 Health Trends to Know

    "These are the products that are poised to see a boom in sales in the year ahead... Cater to the alcohol-free crowd by stocking sophisticated adult beverages with added benefits, likePiQi, a range of sparkling kefir water drinks which claim to offer immune-boosting benefits"

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  • Food Navigator -NPD Trend Tracker

    "As a sophisticated, naturally low-sugar, dairy-free and caffeine-free refreshment, PiQi drinks offer the perfect alternative"

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PiQi Company

  • Virgin - Homepage Featured Article

    "Aksana Fitzpatrick launched PiQi, a vegan functional drinks company that produces fermented water kefir in 2021 during lockdown.

    We caught up with her to find out more about her journey… what are the three things Aksana wishes she’d known from day one?"

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  • TechRound - Companies To Watch

    "Launched in 2021 by Aksana Fitzpatrick and Nick Young, PiQi drinks was founded on the belief that what we consume should make a difference, not just to our health but also to our planet and all living beings.

    PiQi was born out of a simple idea to help people look after their gut-health on a plant-based diet, providing an alternative to the popular kefir milk-based beverages on the market."

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